MIPL Stockist/Store Locator – Pro

Integrate a fast and efficient Stockist/Store Locator tool that incorporates Google Maps, Bing Maps, Here Maps, and OpenStreetMap.
This tool should offer autocomplete search for location, allow users to filter stores by distance and category, and support multiple store types.
It should also enable the addition of custom fields for in-depth store information, and facilitate the import/export of store data and settings.

MIPL WC Checkout Fields

Customizing WooCommerce checkout fields involves tailoring the checkout experience for your online store.
This can be achieved by creating custom fields groups for specific products or categories, and extending this customization to accommodate quantity-related changes.
Additionally, you can enhance the default checkout fields to gather more specific information from customers.
Moreover, integrating your checkout process with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help streamline customer data management and improve the overall shopping experience.

MIPL WC Multisite Sync

Enable seamless synchronization of WooCommerce products, stock levels, orders, customers, and coupons across multiple WooCommerce sites.
This integration ensures consistent and up-to-date information, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in managing and processing transactions across the interconnected WooCommerce platforms.