The RePlanup® Procurement Software is a cutting edge cloud-based software as a service, It’s an easy to use software designed to manage all the tasks associated with milk collection & milk procurement for Dairy, Milk Chilling Center and Milk Collection Center. It saves all your data to secure cloud servers.It is designed to provide multi user Department and designation wise access to sections.

The main purpose of the RePlanup® – Procurement Software is to purchase farmer cattle milk, breed wise and morning, evening session wise. Route wise and Center wise Milk purchase. It also has Rate Charts as per FAT, FAT/SNF, FAT/CLR, and fixed rates.You can set different rate charts for cow milk and buffalo milk as per morning and evening session.

The farmer payment calculation is automatic as per Rate Charts.You can manage sub centers and their milk loading and unloading to main center.It’s have weight machine support with a serial / USB port to purchase tanker milk. And has the facility to send automated SMS daily to farmers for milk purchase.

To use software securely downloads RePlanup® launcher and install it on your computer.


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RePlanup® Procurement

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