How to get Here Map API key

MIPL Stockist/Store Locator Pro

How to get an API key from Here Maps Platform

1. Sign in to the

2. Open the Access Manager from the Launcher.

3. Create a new App.

4. Click on Create API key from Credentials tab, Copy the created API key and Set in “MIPL Stockist Stores Locator” Settings.

5. If you want to restrict the Map Services for App, We need to link the following map Services to Project, and set the project to App,
Navigate to the “Project Manager” from Launcher and create new project, Then select the “Resources > Services” Tab and link the following Services.

  • HERE Map Attributes
  • HERE Vector Tile
  • HERE Search – Autocomplete
  • HERE Search – Autosuggest
  • HERE Search – Browse
  • HERE Search – Forward Geocoder
  • HERE Search – Places ID Lookup
  • HERE Search – Reverse Geocoder

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